Beef Buying Club

Why Join our Mills Family Farm Local Beef Buying Club?

beef meatHealth – Local beef is fresher and sold without the addition of additives to enhance appearance, flavor or increase shelf life.
Energy – Local beef is not shipped long distances thus cutting down on fossil fuel usage and green house gas emissions.
Environment – Buying from local farmers supports their businesses and helps protect farmland from urban sprawl and development. The Mills Family Farm is an Iredell County Farmland Preservation District.
Taste – Local, pasture raised, all natural beef products simply taste better.
Community – Working together with your neighbors, friends and colleagues you can connect with farmers and help strengthen local communities and economies.
Support Local Farmers – You can rest assured that the vast majority of the money you spend supports local farmers and food businesses. (In contrast, less than 25 cents of every dollar typically spent on food actually ends up in the hands of farmers.)

How the program works?

beefmadeeasySince we now offer beef, pork, chicken and veal, we have expanded this program to include all these meats for your convenience.  Purchase 60 lbs of any combination meats that are in stock and you are eligible for wholesale pricing. Wholesale pricing is available at the farm only. Currently, our hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm.  We do not post our prices on our website. Please sign up for the newsletter to see the inventory list or stop by the farm to get updated pricing.

beef brisketStep 1 – Subscribe to our email list on our website. You will get a weekly email that will inform you of special events, farm tours, food tastings and seminars at the farm.  The email will also include a list of the products that we currently have in stock.

Step 2 – Stop by the farm to pick out your product.  Feel free to place your order in advance by phone (704-960-2994) or email Advanced ordering is not required.

Step 3 – Enjoy your purchases.  Spread the word to your friends and family.

Step 4 – Like us on Facebook

Step 5 – Email us your feedback and pictures of your culinary creations!