Terms for Quality Foods You Should be Aware Of
Most people realize that in order to feel better, they have to eat better, too. Unfortunately, food purchased from a grocery store doesn’t always cut it. In order to understand whether you are buying quality foods, there are some terms you need to be aware of.

• Antibiotic-free. When an animal is raised “antibiotic-free,” antibiotic substances are not used to artificially enhance their size or production ability. If an animal needs an antibiotic to treat a disease, there is usually a required period before they can be slaughtered in order to ensure that there are no antibiotics in their meat.

• Cage-free. An animal is raised “cage-free” when they live un-caged, usually in a barn or another type of enclosed area. In order to gain this designation, the animals must be able to roam and have unlimited access to water and food.

• Free range. This term typically applies to meat or poultry. When an animal is free range, this means that they have had some access to the outdoors.

• Grass fed. Animals that are grass fed are usually allowed to graze in a pasture to obtain their nutrients. Unlike grain fed animals, grass fed ones typically produce healthier, leaner and more flavorful meat.

When you are shopping for quality foods, try to find products where the animals are antibiotic-free, cage-free, free range, or pasture-raised. Our quality foods have all of these characteristics in order to ensure the highest level of nutrition and taste.