One of the best ways to eat healthier is to implement more fresh produce into your diet. However, do you ever feel like you throw more of your produce away than you actually eat? Here are a few ways to ensure your fresh produce lasts as long as possible.

Countertop Storage

There’s nothing more visually appealing than a large bowl of fresh produce sitting out on your kitchen counter. However, to keep your fruit fresh and crisp, make sure it is not kept in the path of direct sunlight.

Fridge Storage

When you put your produce in the fridge, the following guidelineHow to Make Your Fresh Produce Last as Long as Possibles can help it stay fresh:

• Instead of placing your produce directly into the drawers in your fridge, place it inside separate bags.
• Always keep fruits and vegetables separate. If your fruits and vegetables are together, ethylene can build up on the inside of your fridge and cause them to spoil.
• If you purchased asparagus or fresh herbs, cut off the ends and then place them in a glass of water.

Part of the challenge of keeping your produce good as long as possible is knowing what to store where. Typically, onions, potatoes and tomatoes should be stored in a dry place, as the cold of the refrigerator can ruin their flavor. Unripe fruits and vegetables, like kiwis, plums, mangoes, and pears, should be kept on your countertop. When they start to ripen, they should then be put in the fridge.

If you’re tired of your fruits and vegetables spoiling before you get a chance to eat them, try out some of these tips to keep your fresh produce good for longer.