Four Reasons You Should Cook with Local Meats More Often
Many people don’t think twice about purchasing their meat from the grocery store. However, if you want better tasting, high-quality meat on your dinner table, there are four main reasons you should make buying local meats from us at Mills Family Farm a priority.

1. Freshness and Better Taste- Our local meats are fresher and will taste better than meat that has been shipped to your grocery store from a location several hundred miles away. Not only will the meats you buy from us taste better, but their freshness will also allow them to last longer in your fridge or freezer.

2. Less Environmental Impact- When local meats are purchased directly from our farm, there is less environmental impact. This is because the emissions and pollutants released into the air during the transportation process are eliminated.

3. Food Safety- When the meats you use in your home have been to several stops before reaching your table, there is a greater chance they are contaminated with harmful diseases like E. coli. When you purchase local meats from our farm, there is a minimal chance that your meat was exposed to a harmful substance.

4. Community Creation- Knowing where your meat came from allows you to connect and form relationships with us. It also helps to build your local economy.

The next time you’re browsing the meat aisle for something to cook for dinner, let us provide you with high-quality local meats that will taste delicious, help out the environment, and promote a stronger community.